Tobacco Claro Tan - String Loafers

Tobacco Claro Tan - String Loafers

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Women's Tobacco Claro Tan String Loafers. The Sagan’s elegant and clean lines come to life in rich, velvety suedes and soft leathers, resulting in a remarkably comfortable and lightweight loafer; engineered for walking all day long, in comfort and style. Sophisticated, yet with a relaxed softness to them, our women's loafers have endless pairing potential.

A perfect shade for warmer climates to complement lighter outfits and an elongated silhouette. Fitted with a hand-stitched string for a more casual look.

  • Handmade in England, using only the softest and supplest leathers exclusive to our loafers - for unmatched comfort and breathability
  • Completely unlined and constraint-free, these loafers stretch and wrap around your feet for a unique glove-like fit
  • Uniquely handcrafted leather soles, are both flexible and supportive, providing superior shock absorption with an engineered multi-layer padding
  • Features our signature three-dot heel logo, hand polished in brass

Simply the most comfortable loafers you have ever owned.


Optional Rubber Grip:
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