The Fit



“As a shoe-enthusiast myself, I know that it can be hard at times to choose your shoe size online. That's why we went beyond the singular sizing chart that is normally used, to really help you find the right sizing"

- Bo van Langeveld

Our loafers fit true to sizePick your regular shoe size and this piece of art will enclose your foot in a natural way. It will adapt fully to your foot anatomy. A perfect fit will be guaranteed. Right from the start.



Choosing your size


Our loafers are hand-lasted and stretched for a unique glove-like fit. Our upper leathers are exclusive to us and specifically engineered to make unlined shoes.

These have more stretch than the ordinary form to your feet over time, with very little if any wear-in time and removing the need for different widths.

A perfect fit for our loafers is one that is snug yet unconstrained.


Sizing Guide


Accommodating a wide range of widths

Unlined shoe structure allows the shoe to stretch and shape towards your feet, giving just the right amount of stretch to accommodate everything for a narrow last to extra wide lasts. 


Supporting both low and high insteps

Cork and memorising foam are malleable as to provide a perfect instep for both a low- and high-arch, and everything in between. 


Your perfect size, in less than 2 minutes

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Let us help you find your size now!

Try our Size Generator. In 1 - 2 minutes it will reveal your sized based on your personal measurements and your shoe preferences. Quick, and painless.