Dark Brown Alligator & Deerskin Loafers

Dark Brown Alligator & Deerskin Loafers

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Our hand-dyed Alligator & Deerskin loafers offer a versatile and understated way to wear Alligator, keeping the original comfort of the Sagan for a glove-like fit.

  • Unlined and structure-free, these loafers are hand-stretched for a unique glove-like fit that adapts to your feet

  • Unique handcrafted insoles, absorbing the shocks encountered while walking

  • Each pair is entirely handcrafted in our atelier using only the softest and supplest leathers exclusive to our loafers - for an unmatched comfort and breathability

  • Optional, interchangeable rubber grip for an indefinite lifespan

  • Handmade in England

American Alligator is hand-dyed by our bespoke-trained shoemakers under direct supervision by Allan Baudoin, our production director, to create the most beautiful, marbled shaded and antique effect we are known for. Each pair requires symmetrical Alligator hides of the highest-grade source from Hermès S.A. in Paris.

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Optional rubber sole grip:
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Simply the most comfortable shoe you will ever own.

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