Black Full Nubuck Crocodile Loafers

Black Full Nubuck Crocodile Loafers


The highest expression of our Precious Leathers line, these fully unconstructed Nubuck Crocodile loafers in Black are the perfect companion for the discerning few looking to wear Crocodile in a subtle yet utterly rakish manner.

  • Unlined and structure-free, these loafers are hand-stretched for a unique glove-like fit that adapts to your feet

  • Unique handcrafted insoles, absorbing the shocks encountered while walking

  • Each pair is entirely handcrafted in our atelier using only the softest and supplest leathers exclusive to our loafers - for an unmatched comfort and breathability

  • Optional, interchangeable rubber grip for an indefinite lifespan

  • Handmade in England

Nubuck Crocodile is the most precious leather available on the market today, requiring meticulous sanding and polishing of the grain side of the crocodile hide, making it supple and butter-soft like our signature suedes. Each pair of these unique Sagans requires two entire skins of symmetrically matching, first grade Crocodile hides. Because of its rarity and complexity in execution we take all the necessary steps to provide the best personal experience when purchasing any full exotic Sagans.

Please contact us for any bespoke queries, including other colours, leathers and bespoke designs. Hailing from the world of bespoke shoemaking, B&L is able to accommodate virtually any request.

Optional rubber sole grip:
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Simply the most comfortable shoe you will ever own.

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