Versatility and Durability 


Cashmere-like Suede Loafers

Each pair of your Sagans is crafted using only the most supple and softest lamb suede from the green lush hills of Cyprus. Tanned locally and artisan-ally exclusively for us, our top-grain suede is aniline-dyed then waxed on the grain side for unmatched butter-soft feel and breathability

Moreover, the suede skins have received a special water treatment, adding to a more water resistant result.

Labour-intensive processes are used to ensure that your Sagans are the best in terms of durability and flexibility.


Unlined Loafers

All of our loafers possess an “unlined” structure that enables the suede & leather to stretch during the wear and copy the anatomy of your foot. Therefore our unlined loafers accommodate to almost every type of foot width and provide the wearer with the highest level of comfort. Elegance without compromise.

From flat-footedness to the typical wider Asian-fit, our shoes accommodate it all. 



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B&L Construction

To amplify the lightweight characteristics and flexibility of our suede unlined loafers, we have deliberately developed our own method: the Baudoin & Lange construction. Our unique insoles are infused with cork and treated with special materials in strategic places. As a result we can ensure that our soles and insoles have an even greater comfort than goodyear-welted or athletic shoes. The handmade sole is carefully glued and hammered into its correct shape and meticulously positioned by our shoemakers.

On top of the added flexibility, lightweight-ness, and elegant look demonstrated by our thin soles, additional significant benefits prevail over other construction methods. The optional, interchangeable thin rubber grips attached to the sole contributes to an indefinite lifetime of that very sole. Don’t want an extra rubber grip? The shoe can easily be resoled. 

suede loafers



Take care of your unlined shoes.                                       

So you bought a nice pair of loafers and you want to enjoy them forever. Now, how do you keep those unlined Sagans in a good shape on the long run?

Here comes the good news.

As usual, shoes are best taken care of when on cedar-wood shoe trees. Lined or unlined. However our unlined suede loafers–like cashmere are much more forgiving in case such a shoe tree is not available. Like during travel. The unlined loafers can be folded and will immediately come back into shape, always keeping up their original shape and fit. 

When you decide to use the shoe tree – as you always should in case of a regular lined pair- the soft suede leather appears to be  extremely malleable. So, if you prefer a wider fit, our loafers can be stretched by using just a slightly bigger shoe tree.

How to take care of suede loafers

Taking care of your suede loafers is very simple, so don’t hesitate.

All you need is a stiff-bristled brush and a suede eraser ( or regular eraser ).

Most types of everyday wear and tear can be remedied with a stiff-bristled brush. No more than that. Moving the brush gently over the dirt is all you do to clean the suede.  Any stain or dirt on the tiny suede fibers- known as the “nap“- is loosened and eventually released.

But keep in mind, be sure to brush the nap in opposite directions. Just take care to use only a slight amount of pressure, be gentle.

Now in case you stepped into muddy waters, allow the suede to dry first. Don’t start brushing on wet mud; you’ll just spread out the stain. Just a little bit of patience here, and remember to let the shoe dry naturally. When the shoe is dry the dirt will come off easier.

For deeper stains we recommend using an eraser. The additional friction from rubbing the suede will help remove the patches of dirt.

While cleaning, switch repeatedly between brush and eraser for an optimal result. 

That’s it. You are good to go!

So, in short:

1) Use stiff-bristled brush and eraser

2) Rub gentry on dry dirt patches with the brush (use eraser for deeper stains)

3) Good to go


400  Years of History


The history of the Belgian loafer

Say Belgium…say chocolate. Say Brussels waffles and comic books. A land famous for its vast selection of beers. All share a touch of timelessness. Also the land of our favorite : the Belgian loafer.

The “ Belgians “ – as these iconic, soft-soled slip-ons were called – hold a long-time history. They originate from the 17th century where they were fabricated by skilled Belgian cobblers. They used a specific, so-called “turning“ technique. Shoes were sewn inside out and flipped outwards upon completion of stitching. An impeccable stitch resulted.

Upon introduction in the United States during the mid-fifties of the last century the Belgian loafers, embedded in the tradition of 400 year old cobblers , were a huge  instant hit with the American and European upper-classes. The slip-ons were made for both men and women and were produced in an array of colors and materials.

The Belgian loafer – casual, delicate and soft- became a staple of New York fashion in particular.

Since then the loafer has been a fixture of Manhattan style.

At Baudoin & Lange we have expressed our creativity in manufacturing a modern-day Belgian loafer, excelling in comfort and elegance. We express our deep respect and honor for the 400-year long history and craft associated with the highly-praised Belgian loafer. Our loafer is a great way to add a touch of European elegance to your every day grind. 

Though we did not invent the Belgian loafer, we surely made it better.

The Belgian loafer, firmly embedded in tradition, is here to stay.