Your Personal Loafer, in five easy steps.

With our MTO program, you can mix and match any of our colours and apron features to create your own unique, handmade Belgian Loafer.

One of one.


1) Personalize The Apron

         Available suede leather colors

         Available suede leather colors

2) Personalize the Body

         Available suede leather colors

         Available suede leather colors

Comfortable Loafers
Tassel Loafers

3) Apron Features

Loafers for Men

4) Personalize the Binding

mens shoes
suede loafers

5) Monogramming

Options of monogramming

  • No initials
  • Initials on the side of the heel
  • Initials on the bottom of the sole 

Once you're comfortable with your choice and decided on your preferred shoe style, please click below to customise and order your unique handmade loafers.

Do you have any questions about our shoes, a special request regarding design or other materials, or want some style advice? Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.